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    Safety is no small matter. Make safety your first thought and take precautions from tiny things.

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      "Safety" is the instinct desire of human beings, and "pay attention to safety" is a familiar word for everyone. Recently, major safety accidents include: the national shock 3.20 forest fire accident in Liangshan, Sichuan Province, the explosion accident in Xiangshui, Jiangsu Province, and the 4.16 fire accident in Notre Dame, Paris, France, which caused heated discussion among people from all over the world. These accidents not only cause great loss of people, goods and economy, but also cause a certain degree of damage to human emotional sustenance and historical relics. In addition to the above accidents, there are many safety accidents that we do not know. These accidents have once again sounded a safety alarm for all countries in the world with living cases.

      In the enterprise development, our company always emphasizes the concept of "production safety and production safety", advocates to put an end to violations, eliminate potential safety hazards, prevent safety accidents, reduce the economic losses caused by unsafe production, and ensure the staff to achieve the goal of safe production and benefit creation in a relatively safe and healthy environment.

      In order to ensure the realization of safety production, our company organizes workshop hidden danger investigation and workshop routine inspection team, which is composed of the person in charge of the comprehensive office, the person in charge of each workshop, the person in charge of production and the person in charge of equipment. The team conducts internal self-examination and self correction, and takes the safety without small matters and minor precautions as the standard, so as to find problems, investigate hidden dangers, order rectification and ensure the overall safety of the enterprise.

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