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    Introduction of Wear Liners

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      Wear resistant lining plate refers to various wear-resistant lining plates made of wear-resistant steel plates through cutting, rolling plate deformation, drilling and welding and other production processes, such as conveyor lining plate, coal feeder bottom plate / cyclone separator inverted cone and lining plate, wear-resistant blade, etc. the wear-resistant life can be more than 15 times longer than that of ordinary steel plates.

      The wear-resistant steel plate is a kind of alloy wear-resistant layer which is mainly composed of Cr7C3 carbide with volume fraction of more than 50% formed by overlaying on ordinary steel plate, heat-resistant steel plate and stainless steel plate.

      The wear-resistant steel plate has the properties of high wear resistance, impact resistance, deformability and weldability. It can be directly processed into engineering parts like steel plate, such as curling deformation, cutting and drilling, so as to meet the needs of wear industry and mining.

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