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    Introduction of Conveyor Skirt Board and How to Install it

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      Anti overflow apron is mainly used for sealing between conveyor belt and guide chute and between buffer bed and guide chute. After many years of field work condition investigation, according to the sealing performance and installation requirements of customers for anti overflow apron, Rita rubber organizes scientific research force, gathers modern rubber technology and product engineering design, and develops new integrated multi protection with convenient installation and good use effect in the world Rubber overflow skirt of the system.

      The installation method of multi protection and anti overflow rubber skirt is particularly convenient. After confirming the installation position, the special fixing groove shall be fixed on the outside of the blanking groove by welding, riveting, self tapping screw, etc., and then the T-shaped rubber block on the back of multi protection and anti overflow skirt shall be slid into the fixing groove.

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