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    Advantages of Impact Bed

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      1. The surface contact between the buffer strip and the conveyor belt effectively prevents the damage to the conveyor belt

      2. The conveyor belt is evenly stressed at the blanking port, greatly reducing the daily repair and maintenance costs

      3. Effectively eliminate material splashing and leakage caused by uneven stress of conveyor belt

      4. The smooth surface of UHMWPE reduces the friction of conveyor belt during operation

      5. The arc design of the polyethylene surface ensures the smooth and smooth operation of the conveyor belt

      6. Ultra high elastic special rubber layer can absorb the impact force of materials to a large extent

      7. Each part of the buffer strip is connected by the hot vulcanization process, which is compact and firm

      8. The design of bottom steel structure makes the disassembly and assembly convenient and quick

      The advantages of buffer bed in all aspects determine that it must be the development trend of traditional roller support.

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