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    Design of Impact bed

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    There are many ways to design the buffer bed framework. The same design framework can be used in one plant area and the same working condition. However, according to different working conditions, certain corresponding adjustments should be made to adapt to the normal use of such working conditions. Therefore, before purchasing, it is necessary to have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the working conditions of customers and make certain adjustments according to the actual situation Better adapt to its use Generally, manufacturers with construction experience will present a questionnaire according to the actual working conditions of customers, and the production can better meet the actual needs of customers through design and adjustment according to the questionnaire Note 1: the explanation of the coal safety sign for the prohibition of the use of metal aluminum underground The chemical properties of aluminum are active, and it is easy to avoid oxidation reaction in air. Because of the moisture and acid gas in the coal mine, the use of aluminum electrodes in the coal mine will further increase the oxidation rate of aluminum, which will make the products not be replaced frequently due to corrosion, and may also cause electrical accidents due to corrosion, resulting in major losses Due to the large expansion coefficient of aluminum, the product is easy to loose after heating, oxidation and even decomposition fracture occur, which seriously threatens personal safety. If it causes electric spark, it may cause gas and coal dust explosion Therefore, article 467 of the coal mine safety regulations stipulates that it is strictly prohibited to use aluminum electrodes in coal mines. China has never issued safety signs for any type and specification of aluminum junction products. Aluminum products used in coal mines should be eliminated immediately.

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