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    Conveyor Skirt Board

    Conveyor Polyurethane Skirt

    【Classification】Conveyor Skirt Board

    【Product Description】Dimension can be customize according to requirement(plain rubber) ......

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      Material spillage and dust at the transfer point are the common problems to bulk material handling conveyors.

      Conveyor polyurethane skirting is specially designed polyurethane strip used on conveyor loading zone to maintain material on conveyor belt and reduce dust. High wear resistance of polyurethane skirting make longer service life available, usually 5 times longer than rubber skirting.

      ●Features of polyurethane skirting:

      1.Better wear resistance.

      2.Longer service life, about 5 times longer. 

      3.Less maintenance shutdown. 

      4.Reduce maintenance cost. 

      5.Lower spillage cleanup cost. 

      Our Advantages:

      Extensive experience in production of conveyor polyurethane skirt. 

      Casting polyurethane elastomer, much better wear resistance.

      Innovative mold, 15m or 30m rolls or even longer.

      Duro 63a, 70a, 85a etc. to meet different requirements.

      ● Application:

      Used for the seal between belt conveyor and chute.

      Conveyor Polyurethane Skirt
      Price: inquiry
      Starting Quantity: ≥1件
      Description: Dimension can be customize according to requirement(plain rubber)

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