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    Impact Bar and Impact Bed

    Impact Bar

    【Classification】Impact Bar and Impact Bed

    【Product Description】Point for a conveyor belt blanking shock protection, prevent conveyor crushing, scratching and tearing. ......

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      ● Applicable:

      1.To make up a blanking shock protection for conveyor ,prevent conveyor belt from crushion ,scratching and tearing.

      2.Use with conveyor belt skirt board , which have good sealing effect between guide chutes and conveyor belt.

      ● Features:

      1. Using special UHMW polyurethane surface ,minimizing the coefficient of friction between the belt and the Impact bed.

      2 .Fine rubber buffer layer is sufficiently effective to absorb the impact of the whereabouts of the material, greatly reducing the impact on the conveyor belt when the materials drop, the real point is to improve the blanking force status.

      3.Steel frame.

      ● Specifications:

      Impact bar

      Product No.Product namemm Specification

      impact bar100×75×1220

      impact bar100×75×1400

      impact bar100×75×1500

      impact bar100×75×2010

      impact bar100×50×1220

      impact bar100×50×1400

      impact bar100×50×1500

      impact bar100×50×2010

      Fire retardant impact bar

      Product IDProduct namemm Specification

      Fire retardant impact bar100×75×1220

      Fire retardant impact bar100×75×1400

      Fire retardant impact bar100×75×1500

      Fire retardant impact bar100×75×2010

      Fire retardant impact bar100×50×1220

      Fire retardant impact bar100×50×1400

      Fire retardant impact bar100×50×1500

      Fire retardant impact bar100×50×2010


      Containing a T-bolt, flat washer, spring washer and self-locking nuts

      Product No.Product namemm Specification




      Impact Bar
      Price: inquiry
      Starting Quantity: ≥1件
      Description: Point for a conveyor belt blanking shock protection, prevent conveyor crushing, scratching and tearing.
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